Orthodontics provide more than aesthetic improvements in your smile

Orthodontics & Facial Aesthetics: Beyond Straight Teeth

When most people think about orthodontics, they focus on straightening teeth. However, it has expanded to include enhancing facial aesthetics. The fundamental objective will constantly be correcting misaligned teeth, but orthodontists aim to create facial harmony.

The Connection Between Orthodontics and a Balanced Face

Many factors influence the relationship between orthodontics and facial aesthetics.

Smile Aesthetics

One of the first things that’s noticed about your face is your smile. Misaligned teeth contribute to what’s perceived as an unattractive smile. Crowded and crooked teeth are easily corrected with traditional braces or clear aligners, giving you a confident, beautiful smile.

Facial Symmetry

Your facial features will appear more symmetrical if your bite is aligned correctly. An unbalanced face can occur because of changes in your bite. Facial features may appear uneven, making one side of your face appear more distinct.

Lip Positioning

Protruding teeth make lips appear more pronounced, but orthodontic treatment can reposition them. Proper teeth alignment can help the lips close more naturally and improve facial aesthetics.

Jaw and Chin Position

Orthodontic treatment combined with orthognathic surgery can impact the position of the jawline and chin. As a result, it alters the face’s appearance, making a more balanced and harmonious face.

Facial Aesthetics

Functional aspects of teeth alignment can impact your appearance. For example, crooked and misaligned teeth can cause jaw muscle strain and change how you look. Orthodontic treatment can realign your teeth to prevent or relieve these issues.

Enhance Your Appearance with Orthodontic Treatment

If you don’t like your smile because of misaligned teeth, you have several options to correct it. Speak with a certified orthodontist and get a treatment plan to restore your facial harmony.

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