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Oral health is an umbrella term encompassing the conditions, disorders, and diseases affecting the oral cavity and jaws.  Oral health concerns are much more than just the teeth.  While the health of the teeth play an important role in oral health, they are not the only factor affecting it.

Oral health includes the health of the anatomical structures surrounding the teeth, also known as the periodontium.  These periodontal tissues include the alveolar bone of the upper and lower jaws, the gum tissues covering the bone, and the ligaments connecting the teeth to the surrounding bone.  You can have perfectly healthy teeth and yet lose them to an unhealthy condition of the periodontium.

Oral health also involves disorders or conditions of the soft tissues of the mouth.  Many people suffer from sores, cysts, and tumors in the lips, cheeks, palate and tongue.  This includes temporary ulcers, like canker sores and fever blisters.  It also includes painful oral disorders like lichen planus and pemphigus.

Salivary function is an essential part of a healthy mouth.  A dry mouth will have impaired oral health, and your dentist will help you manage this condition.  A dry mouth cannot be a healthy mouth!

How Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Overcoming Dental Anxiety with Sedation Going to the dentist, endodontist or oral surgeon may not be your idea of a great afternoon, especially if you are scheduled for a procedure that creates anxiety. Fortunately, for many dental patients who struggle with dental anxiety, there are a few options that can be administered. Read below how

Orthodontic Treatment & Sports

Orthodontic Treatment & Sports Participation: Protecting Your Smile Participating in sports is a vital part of a well-balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re a dedicated athlete, a weekend warrior, or play recreationally, putting a high value on oral health is crucial, especially if you’ve started orthodontic treatment. There are many benefits to getting braces or clear aligners.

Benefits of a free orthodontic consultation

Benefits of a Free Orthodontic Consultation

Your smile is one of your most essential features. It will last your lifetime, so why not ensure you have a healthy one you love? When you have concerns about your smile, scheduling a free orthodontist consultation can help. An orthodontist can answer your questions regarding the length and type of treatment and get you

Orthodontics provide more than aesthetic improvements in your smile

Orthodontics & Facial Aesthetics: Beyond Straight Teeth

When most people think about orthodontics, they focus on straightening teeth. However, it has expanded to include enhancing facial aesthetics. The fundamental objective will constantly be correcting misaligned teeth, but orthodontists aim to create facial harmony. The Connection Between Orthodontics and a Balanced Face Many factors influence the relationship between orthodontics and facial aesthetics. Smile

How Bone Grafts Support Dental Implants

How Bone Grafts Prepare for Dental Implants After years of having missing teeth or experiencing dental trauma, the jawbone atrophies and loses mass and density. It becomes too narrow and thin to support an implant. For patients wanting a dental implant, bone grafting becomes necessary to prepare the site for treatment.  Bone grafting helps improve

Should Adults Get Braces?

Why You Should Consider Adult Braces  Despite common stereotypes, braces are not just for kids and teenagers. Thousands of adults seek an orthodontist yearly, and the trend continues growing! Braces do more than straighten your teeth, giving you many reasons to consider getting braces as an adult.  Reason #1: Improved Brushing Habits  Many people have

What to Know About Periodontal Disease

Understanding Periodontal Disease  Periodontal disease is a common oral health condition that affects many people worldwide but often goes untreated. It can cause severe consequences for the teeth and underlying bone structure without treatment. However, when you understand the warning signs and start treatment, you can protect your smile and overall health.  What is Periodontal

What is Alveoloplasty?

What is an Alveoloplasty?  After a tooth extraction, the socket needs time to heal. Eventually, the missing tooth must be replaced with a crown, bridge, or dental implant. Sometimes, the jawbone isn’t prepared to accept the new artificial tooth, requiring the dentist to perform an additional procedure called an alveoloplasty.  If the jawbone is uneven

Understanding the Basics of Orthodontic Care

Orthodontics is a specialized field in dentistry that deals with diagnosing, preventing, and treating misaligned teeth and jaws. Patients undergo orthodontic care to enhance their smile and improve oral health conditions like overcrowded teeth and bite difficulties. It moves teeth into a stable position by putting pressure on them to guide them in the right

Mandibular Tori Removal

Everything You Need to Know About Mandibular Tori Removal Have you noticed a bony growth along the surface of your lower jaw closest to your tongue? It’s often nothing to be concerned about because it’s presumably a torus. Although these bumps, also known as dental tori, are nothing to worry about, they can interfere with