Your mouth has small bands of tissue, called frenums, connecting your cheeks, tongue, or lips to your gums. Sometimes these attachments negatively affect your gum tissue or tongue and require a minor surgical procedure called a frenectomy.

The experienced oral surgery professionals from Empire Dental Speciality Group can provide you with a consultation and more information about frenectomies.   

How a Frenectomy Works

During a frenectomy, your oral surgeon from Empire Dental will remove the tissue, including where it is attached to the underlying bone. The goal of eliminating this tissue is to correct unwanted problems disrupting the frenum’s function. The procedure is relatively simple and takes a few minutes to complete.  

After numbing the area, your dentist makes a small incision to relax the tissue. This opening releases it from being too tight, but sometimes the frenum must be removed entirely. Your dentist will determine the need for sutures based on the size and complexity of the issue, but they are not always necessary. As surgical techniques advance, less tissue damage and less bleeding occur, leading to faster healing times.

Benefits of a Frenectomy

A frenectomy procedure is used to solve a number of oral issues for both infants and adults. For babies, this procedure can help with latching on during feeding, while improving swallowing. For adults, a frenectomy can expand the mouth to reduce pain, open airwaves, decrease gummy smiles and even reduce head and neck tension.

Despite being a surgical procedure, most patients spend little time in the office and experience minimal discomfort in the days following a frenectomy. Many patients notice the immediate benefits after a successful frenectomy.

Some of those benefits include the following: 

  • Eliminate the gap between the two front teeth
  • Improved biting capabilities 
  • Improved speech
  • Increased appetite 
  • Reduced discomfort and pain associated with gum recession 
  • Better self-confidence
  • Expanded airwaves for better sleep 

Patients who wear dentures may experience more stable appliances, improving their comfort. 

Improve Your Oral Health With a Frenectomy

If you are experiencing an of the symptoms listed above, give our office a call. Our oral surgery team can provide an initial exam to determine if your frenums are too tight, and schedule you for a quick and mostly painfree procedure to give you relief. We have offices in Beavercreek and West Chester and can get you scheduled for an initial consult. Schedule your consultation today!