Dr. Sterling Whipple

Dr. Sterling Whipple, DDS

Dr. Sterling Whipple

Endodontist, DDS

Dr. Whipple is an endodontist who practices at our Beavercreek office. He provides endodontic care for patients in need of a root canal, apicoectomy & more.

Dr. Sterling Whipple loves performing endodontic treatment with a gentle touch.  When a patient confesses they are nervous, he smiles and reassures them that they will be comfortable.  The best reward for Dr. Whipple is seeing a patient relax when they realize endodontic treatment will alleviate their pain and return them to dental health.

Dr. Whipple attended the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine.  After graduation, he joined the United States Air Force to serve the country and take advantage of top-notch training opportunities.  In the Air Force, he completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency and served as a general dentist for several years.  During that time, he developed a passion for root canals and became the “go-to guy” for root canal treatment in the clinic.  Despite being offered positions in civilian endodontic residencies, Dr. Whipple chose to remain with the Air Force.  He completed his endodontics residency at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and obtained board certification soon after graduation.  While maintaining his own full book of patients and balancing numerous officer duties, Dr. Whipple has been teaching post-graduate dental residents in the Air Force since 2009.  He enjoys mentoring new clinicians and helping his patients appreciate the benefits of endodontic therapy.

Together with his family, Dr. Whipple enjoys kayaking, scuba diving, traveling, camping, reading and playing board/card games.

Dr. Whipple is accepting new endodontic patients in our Beavercreek office.