Quad Helix Expander

A quad helix is a fixed orthodontic appliance applied to the upper arch of the mouth to improve your smile by reducing crowded teeth. The quad helix expanders are commonly used in conjunction with orthodontic treatments, providing the space needed to move teeth into their optimal position. A quad helix appliance is beneficial for children and adults who have:

  • A narrow upper jaw
  • Crowded teeth
  • Teeth in posterior crossbite (a posterior crossbite occurs when the lower teeth are outside the upper teeth)

This U-shaped orthodontic appliance is made of stainless steel wire (to adapt to your palate) with four active helix springs (hence the name quad helix). It attaches to the top molars with the help of two bands and works by gradually pushing the teeth outward, creating more space, and eventually widening the upper jaw.

Before inserting the appliance in your mouth, your Empire Orthodontist will pre-expand the device. You won’t have to worry about constantly activating the appliance for it to work, as it is ‘pre-loaded’. This is an advantage to the quad helix!

How we use Quad Helix Devices

Dr. Rush Davidson of Empire Orthodontics uses quad helix expanders to widen and expand the palate, reducing teeth crowding and restoring your bite. Palate expansion creates space for Dr. Rush to move teeth into position using traditional braces to achieve your orthodontic goals.

After the quad helix is installed on your palate, it will be important for us to periodically see you at our Beavercreek or West Chester office to ensure that your quad helix is adjusted and doing its job. Dr. Davidson and staff will make the necessary adjustments to help you achieve your oral health and aesthetic objectives. To learn more about the quad helix, please contact our office right away.

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