Orthodontic Nance Appliance

What is a Nance Appliance

Most of the orthodontic issues we see begin when teeth start to emerge from the gums, which can lead to crowding and permanent malposition of the teeth. A Nance appliance is one of the orthodontic appliances we use to position the molars and hold them in place while the rest of the teeth come in.

The Nance appliance consists of a curved arch that is fitted to the roof of your child’s mouth and then connected to the back teeth to set the molars in place while the other permanent teeth come in. A Nance appliance can prevent molars from pushing the front teeth out, creating overcrowding and tooth overlap. Dr. Davidson may recommend a Nance appliance after examining your child’s mouth, baby teeth positioning, and jaw structure.

Types of Nance Appliances

The fixed type is cemented to the upper arch of the two back molars with stainless steel bands which are interconnected with a wire and acrylic in the center. The fixed one makes it less likely for the molars to drift forward, acting as a space maintainer.

The removable one can be removed during playing sports or to clean. It is up to the dentists’ recommendations to choose between the two types according to the severity of each patient’s orthodontic condition.

A Nance appliance may be the right solution for your child if you have a family history of crooked or crowded teeth. This technique can save you over the long run and provide straight healthy teeth for your child.

Throughout the treatment, your child will visit our clinic on a regular basis to ensure that your Nance appliance is adjusted as needed to allow space for emerging teeth to take their proper position. Dr. Davidson and staff will help you achieve all of your dental health and attractiveness goals by providing tailored, high-quality care. To learn more about the Nance appliance, please contact our offices in Beavercreek or West Chester.

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