Benefits of a free orthodontic consultation

Benefits of a Free Orthodontic Consultation

Your smile is one of your most essential features. It will last your lifetime, so why not ensure you have a healthy one you love?
When you have concerns about your smile, scheduling a free orthodontist consultation can help. An orthodontist can answer your questions regarding the length and type of treatment and get you started on your journey toward a beautiful, happy smile.

What You Can Learn During a Free Consultation

Sitting down with a treatment provider allows you to have an open conversation about your treatment. But open communication isn’t the only advantage of this risk-free appointment.

Importance of Dental Alignment

Your orthodontist will discuss the benefits of proper dental alignment during your consultation. Some of those benefits are:

  • Better jaw position when sleeping and speaking
  • Comfortable bite
  • Healthy smile
  • Improved confidence

Some of these results will improve function, while others are aesthetic. Either way, you’ll know the possibilities for your smile’s future.

Treatment Options

Learning about treatment options from the Internet or from those who have been in orthodontic treatment before is possible. However, these aren’t personalized plans based on your unique needs. At a complimentary orthodontic consultation, your orthodontist can assess your oral health and determine the best treatment options.

Treatment Timeline

Every person has different needs, and their teeth move at different rates. Your orthodontist will discuss the current state of your mouth, which impacts the treatment timeline. Additionally, your chosen treatment plan will affect how long you undergo treatment.

Payment Options

Many people think that orthodontic treatment is not affordable. However, most orthodontists offer some form of an interest-free payment plan. You will be provided with all your financing options that will help you make your treatment more affordable.

Schedule Your Risk-Free Consultation

Are you ready to learn about your orthodontic treatment options? Contact Empire Dental Associates today to schedule your complimentary consultation. We have offices in West Chester and Beavercreek to provide expert orthodontic care.