Adult Braces

Adult Braces & Aligners

Orthodontic treatment is not just for kids.  Many adults find themselves in need of orthodontic treatment, and for those in the West Chester and Beavercreek areas, Dr. Rush Davidson and his team at Empire Orthodontics are here to help you explore your options for clear aligners and adult braces.

Why Adult Braces?

We have adult patients come to our office, seeking straighter teeth for the first time in their life. Many people notice the teeth appearing more crooked in adulthood, and this is due to the natural crowding of teeth that occurs with aging.

Others did have orthodontic treatment in their earlier years, but then they experienced a relapse. The teeth returned to crowded or spaced conditions. This can result from not wearing retainers, wearing ineffective retainers (they do wear out over time), nighttime grinding habits, or as a natural part of the aging process.

What Problems Can Braces Correct?

Orthodontic treatment can correct any problem of the positioning of the teeth. We can straighten teeth that are crooked or overlapped. We can close gaps or spaces between the teeth.  The goal of orthodontic treatment is to reposition the teeth into a natural arch that is both beautiful and healthy. With traditional braces or Invisalign therapy, we can correct the following orthodontic issues:

  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Rotated and overlapped teeth
  • Gapped or spaced teeth
  • Deep overbite – a condition in which the lower teeth are not visible and completely covered by the upper teeth when you smile
  • Underbite - a condition in which the lower front teeth cover the upper teeth
  • Crossbite – a condition in which a lower tooth or teeth overlaps the uppers

Aren’t Braces Just Cosmetic?


Braces reposition the teeth for both optimum esthetics and optimum dental health. Straight teeth are less likely to get cavities and gum disease than crowded teeth because they are easier to keep clean. 

Research studies have shown that the types of bacteria collecting in dental plaque on straight teeth versus crooked teeth are different. The bacteria that collect on crooked teeth are more likely to cause gum disease!

What are My Adult Orthodontic Options?

At Empire Dental Specialty Group, we are proud to offer a variety of orthodontic treatment options in order to meet our adult patients’ smile goals in the best way possible. We know that many adults prefer to avoid traditional braces with brackets and wires, so we also offer Invisalign’s clear aligner therapy. When braces will accomplish the necessary tooth movement more effectively, we can use ceramic brackets that blend in with the natural tooth color. To learn more about our adult braces options, please contact one of our offices today, in either Beavercreek or West Chester!

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