Hyrax Expander

Hyrax Palate Expander

Breathing problems and teeth misalignment are common symptoms of a narrow palate. These complications may be avoided with the use of palate expanders or surgical intervention. Dr. Rush Davidson uses a Hyrax expander to address these symptoms.

Hyrax expander is a dental appliance used to widen the narrow space of your upper jaw. It is composed of two halves interconnected with a screw in the middle of the mouth and attached to the upper molar teeth with bonding or bands. Hyrax Expander is adjusted based on the dental impression taken from your mouth, which provides a customized, comfortable fit in your mouth.

To maintain good oral health in general, your teeth should touch at the same time when you bite. If your teeth don’t touch, a Hyrax Expander can be used to treat orthodontic issues such as narrow palate and crowded teeth, providing the palate expansion that helps align your jaw and teeth.

Throughout the duration of your treatment plan, our friendly orthodontic staff will schedule periodic appointments to ensure that your hyrax expander is adjusted as needed to keep your treatment plan on track. Through tailored, high-quality care, our expert orthodontists and staff will assist you in achieving all of your dental health and attractiveness goals.

If you have a narrow palate or over-crowded teeth, contact Empire Orthodontics to see how we can help. We have offices in both Beavercreek and West Chester that both provide the same great orthodontic services in our state-of-the-art offices. Get started with a free Orthodontic Consultation to learn how we can help you find your best smile.

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