You may need a surgical procedure called alveoloplasty when you have missing teeth. It gets its name from the bone being treated, called the alveolar bone. This dental treatment reshapes the jawbone to create an even surface in your mouth. Alveoloplasty is often done to prepare the mouth for additional dental procedures. 

At Empire Dental Specialists, we have an oral surgeon who will perform an Alveoloplasty procedure and provide associated follow-up services to ensure your surgical site has completely healed. 

The Purpose of an Alveoloplasty 

You’re left with a hole in the jawbone when teeth are lost, whether through extraction or an injury. As your gums heal, they become uneven as they adapt to the new contour of your jawbone. This creates problems when being fitted for dentures. 

The team at Empire Dental Specialists can perform an alveoloplasty to prepare your jawbone for your denture or dental implants. The jaw bone must be filed down, prepping the surface for a clean dental implant or for dentures to fit comfortably.

Post-Operative Care For Alveoloplasty 

After your procedure, your surgical site may be swollen, sore, and a little bruised. Swelling will usually begin to resolve after 48 hours. These symptoms should be manageable with over-the-counter pain medication and go away after a few days. 

We often prescribe antibiotics to prevent an infection from developing in the area. But you can also rinse at home with a saline solution. Minimize bleeding and protect the sutures from dislodging by eating a soft diet, drinking clear liquids, and avoiding a straw because suction may cause additional bleeding. 

Alveoloplasty in Beavercreek & West Chester

The oral surgery team at Empire Dental Specialty Group offers alveoloplasty procedures at our Beavercreek and West Chester locations. If you have been referred by your general dentist for an alveoloplasty consult, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced oral surgeons.