Treatment for an underbite

Treatment Options for an Underbite

Defining an Underbite

An underbite is a dental condition classified as the lower jaw sticking out further than the upper jaw. It can be a genetic trait, but malformed and overcrowded teeth can also contribute to the problem. A popular question among those affected by this condition is, “how can you fix it?” There are several treatment options dentists use today to treat an underbite.   

Treating an Underbite

There are several methods for treating an underbite, but which is best depends on your age and the extent of your condition. 


Braces are the most common way to correct misaligned teeth. Your teeth are slowly shifted into their new position using a combination of brackets and wires. This is typically the least expensive and most effective treatment for your underbite.  


Removable clear aligners, called Invisalign, is a viable treatment option for adults. You’ll receive a series of customized trays that move your teeth into the desired position. It takes approximately one year.

Upper Jaw Expander

This device fits on the roof of your mouth and requires a special key to subtly broaden the device. Each turn causes the upper jaw to expand until the lower teeth no longer touch the outside of the uppers.  


If having too many lower teeth causes them to stick out, removing extra teeth may resolve your underbite. 


Surgery may be your only option if your condition is related to your jaw protruding further than usual. Some surgical procedures are done through outpatient offices, while others require staying in a hospital for a few days.  

Caring Professionals to Fix Your Underbite

If you have an underbite that you’d like to correct, contact Empire Dental Orthodontics to schedule an orthordontic consultation with one of our world class orthodontists. We have offices in both Beavercreek and West Chester and have an excellent oral surgery team at both locations to handle all of your orthodontic needs.