How to choose an endodontist

Choosing an Endodontist

How to Choose an Endodontist

When you need endodontic treatment, like a root canal, you must find an experienced specialist you can trust. Your dentist will likely give you a referral. Still, you can use other methods to find an endodontist with whom you’re comfortable being treated. The following tips will help you learn how to choose an endodontist.

Education and Training

An endodontist is a dentist who receives specialized training in endodontics. First, they must complete their dental degree at an accredited university before starting a postdoctoral program. Verifying their credentials and additional special training will make you feel more comfortable about the quality of care you receive.

Advanced Endodontic Technology

The field of endodontics has advanced tremendously over the last few years. Traditional methods of doing root canal therapy are outdated. An office with advanced dental technology will likely provide painless techniques to maximize comfort.

Personalized Care

Every patient has a different experience with oral health and dental treatment. Your endodontist should treat you like the individual you are and not like just another procedure. Instead, they provide personalized, gentle care.

Available Pain Relief Options

Root canal treatment can be stressful for some patients. The endodontist you choose should make treatment as stress-free as possible. They may offer nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, or IV sedation to allow their patients to experience pain-free dentistry and the level of sedation they receive.

Read Online Reviews

You can learn a lot about any dental practice by reading their online reviews. Online review sites contain insight into how the office treats its patients and the endodontist’s level of care.

Get Endodontic Treatment at Empire Dental

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