Should Adults Get Braces?

Why You Should Consider Adult Braces 

Despite common stereotypes, braces are not just for kids and teenagers. Thousands of adults seek an orthodontist yearly, and the trend continues growing! Braces do more than straighten your teeth, giving you many reasons to consider getting braces as an adult

Reason #1: Improved Brushing Habits 

Many people have adopted the recommended twice-a-day brushing habit. But when your teeth are crowded and crooked, it can be difficult to reach every surface. Once braces have straightened your teeth, brushing and flossing become easier, removing plaque and revealing a cleaner and brighter smile. 

Reason #2: Fresher Breath 

When you can’t properly brush and floss, it can lead to bad breath. Food particles become trapped between your crooked or overcrowded teeth. While you may try, brushing and flossing are not as effective. Orthodontic treatment allows you to maintain fresher breath once you can remove the bad breath culprits.  

Reason #3: Clearer Speech

Your tongue helps you pronounce certain words. When your teeth aren’t in proper alignment, it interferes with how you speak. You may mispronounce words, whistle when you talk, or have a lisp. Braces can help remedy these issues to improve your speech.   

Reason #4: More Confidence 

People with crooked teeth often have less self-esteem. Straightening your teeth and rejuvenating your smile will help you love what you see in the mirror. With more self-confidence, other opportunities, professionally and personally, may come to you.  

Learn More About Adult Braces 

There is no better time than the present to get adult braces. Schedule a free consultation with Empire Orthodontics to start your journey. Dr. Davidson is a great orthodontist, loved by both kids and adults. We offer traditional braces as well as Invisalign in Beavercreek and West Chester. Make an appointment today!