Healthy Jaw Bone for Dental Implants

The Role of Bone Health & Dental Implants

Suppose you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from tooth loss. You may want to replace those teeth with an implant-supported denture but have heard that decreased bone density may cause them to be unsuccessful. Don’t rule out an implant-supported denture just yet. Low bone density doesn’t always equate to a failed procedure.

What is Bone Density?

Bone density is the strength and quality of your jaw bone. This structure supports your teeth and allows you to speak and chew normally. Several factors cause you to lose bone density, weakening your jaw and making a dental implant difficult to place. Those factors include:

  • Oral health
  • Tooth loss
  • Gum disease
  • Age
  • Osteoporosis

An experienced dental surgeon can assess your oral health conditions during an evaluation.

Bone Density and Implant Success

When you receive a dental implant to support your denture, a titanium post gets inserted into your jawbone. It supports the denture, but the jawbone must have enough bone density. The implant may not fuse with the bone when a jawbone is too weak, resulting in less stability and a weak foundation for dentures.

Implants placed in areas with more bone density have a higher success rate. The implant has more structure to fuse with, creating a more durable post, and they are less likely to develop complications over time.

Improve Your Bone Density With a Graft

Not all hope is lost if you have low bone density. A procedure called bone grafting can be used to improve the volume of the jawbone. This procedure includes placing a special material in the jawbone to stimulate growth, whether a sample from your body or an outside source.

After an integration period, your bone density may improve. It will increase the likelihood of having a successful implant procedure that will allow you to have secure dentures.

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