Oral Hygiene Success: Endodontics

Are you familiar with endodontics and what it entails? Endodontics is a form of dentistry that is dedicated to caring for the inner workings of a tooth. If for any reason you have suffered pulp damage or damage to your roots, you will need to visit our dentist so that the appropriate treatments can be given.

Endodontists require an additional 2 years of training beyond traditional dental school in order to learn the procedures necessary for caring for damage pulps and issues surrounding the root of a tooth. In order to ensure that endodontic therapies can be applied to save a tooth that has suffered from pulp damage, your tooth may require a root canal therapy. Millions of teeth every year are saved through the years of endodontic procedures such as a root canal therapy.

If a tooth that has suffered pulp damage requires a root canal therapy, it may be possible for your endodontist to apply the procedure in such a way that the tooth can continue to function as needed in the future. Not only can this prevent the need for a tooth replacement due to a needed tooth extraction, but your natural tooth can continue on and may serve you well for decades to come.