What is Alveoloplasty?

What is an Alveoloplasty? 

After a tooth extraction, the socket needs time to heal. Eventually, the missing tooth must be replaced with a crown, bridge, or dental implant. Sometimes, the jawbone isn’t prepared to accept the new artificial tooth, requiring the dentist to perform an additional procedure called an alveoloplasty

If the jawbone is uneven or has any bumps, it becomes more challenging to replace the tooth. An alveoloplasty helps prepare the area and increases the chances of a successful tooth replacement.  

What is an Alveoloplasty? 

An alveoloplasty is a dental procedure that smooths and reshapes the jawbone after an extraction. When a tooth is removed, the bony structure that supports the tooth, called the alveolar ridge, changes. These changes can impact how a prosthetic tooth can fit, making this surgical procedure necessary.  

When is an Alveoloplasty Necessary? 

An alveoloplasty is required in several situations. The first is for someone who had an extraction. After removing the tooth, the alveolar bone may have uneven spots or sharp edges. An alveoloplasty smooths these areas to help the artificial tooth fit better.  

Sometimes, a patient’s alveolar bone may have natural irregularities, making it challenging to fit and secure dentures. An alveoloplasty creates a more even surface, improving the prosthesis’s comfort.  

The last reason is for patients preparing for dental implants. An uneven bone makes it difficult to place dental implants. Completing an alveoloplasty can improve the contour and ensure a stable foundation for the titanium posts.  

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