What to Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that often don’t have room in your mouth to erupt. These molars are typically the last set of adult teeth that emerge in young adults. Depending on jaw length and shape, you may not have room in your mouth for wisdom teeth which can create crowding and pain in your jaw. When wisdom teeth do not have enough room to grow, thye may cause pain, infection, or other dental and orthodontic problems. Wisdom teeth extraction is almost always necessary for problematic impacted teeth. Whether your wisdom tooth is partially or completely impacted, you should consult a board-certified oral surgeon to remove them before bigger issues .

A wisdom teeth extraction is a same-day procedure. But first, you’ll have an initial consultation with your oral surgeon to evaluate the affected teeth with x-rays. During your initial consultation, you will be informed of the potential risks, type of anesthesia, length of the procedure, recovery time, and answers to all your questions.

During the wisdom teeth extraction procedure, your dentist will adequately numb the site around the impacted tooth, and will create a pathway around the bone to remove the tooth. The wisdom teeth extraction is followed by cleaning the empty socket to remove any bone or tooth fragments. Finally, the dentist will stitch the extraction socket and place sterile gauze to control bleeding.

Wisdom teeth extraction typically do not require a follow-up appointment, but if you experience continuous bleeding, persistent swelling, pain that isn’t relieved by medication, or loss of sensation around your jaw or tongue, you will want to contact your oral surgeon for a follow-up.

The oral surgery team at Empire Dental Specialty Group can handle your wisdom teeth extraction at our Beavercreek or West Chester offices. Dr. Michael Monto is our lead oral surgeon and provides board-certified care for impacted wisdom teeth. If your general dentist is referring you for a wisdom teeth follow-up, schedule a consultation with Dr. Monto today.