Endodontic Treatment for Root Fracture

A root fracture occurs when the portion of your tooth below the gum tissue is cracked. It’s not likely visible to the naked eye unless it extends into the crown. As a result, root fractures are more challenging to diagnose and treat. But you do have options to restore your tooth.   

Causes Of A Root Fracture

Small cracks within your teeth can develop for many different reasons. Some factors contributing to a root fracture include: 

  • Large fillings that weaken the natural tooth structure
  • Using your teeth as a tool to open packages
  • Trauma, such as a sports-related injury 
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Sudden temperature changes within the mouth 

A fracture must be treated immediately to resolve it before it worsens and causes more significant problems.  

Root Fracture Symptoms

Patient’s with a root fracture don’t always have pain in the affected tooth. The condition may go undetected, making routine exams crucial to detecting problems like these. But patients who do have symptoms may experience the following:  

  • Sensitivity to sweets, cold, or heat 
  • Intermittent pain 
  • Inflamed gum tissue 
  • Pain when chewing 

Unfortunately, root fractures don’t always appear on an x-ray and may go undiagnosed until it becomes infected. 

Treating a Root Fracture

A root fracture may be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal cracks are more likely to be treated. But the closer they are to the gum line, the more challenging they are to treat. This type of fracture may require an extraction. Luckily, some root fractures are successfully treated with root canal therapy, which removes the fractured part of the tooth. Ultimately, the treatment your endodontist recommends depends on the condition of your tooth and the type of fracture that is presented. 

Other Options for Root Fracture

In the event that the fracture is inoperable, you may be a candidate for tooth extraction. There are several restorative procedures that can be used to fill the gap left by the extracted tooth, the best option being a dental implant. If your goal is to preserve your teeth, chewing function and overall health of your teeth, a dental implant is your best option to consider.

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