Orthodontics for Teeth that Don’t Erupt

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, most people assume you’re treating crowded or crooked teeth. But brackets and wires can treat many more conditions than that. Orthodontic treatment corrects dental concerns, even when you can’t see the issue. 

Impacted teeth are common and develop because a tooth grows at an angle or takes up the area needed by another tooth. These teeth can harm the crown or root of adjacent teeth, and when unaddressed, the impacted tooth can cause the nearby teeth to become loose and fall out.   

Using Orthodontics to Treat Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the most commonly impacted teeth and are often corrected through surgical removal. However, other teeth can also become impacted, and orthodontic treatment is the primary way to treat these teeth.   

Braces can reposition the teeth and allow the impacted tooth to erupt. Oral surgery may be required to remove tissue surrounding the impaction and expose some of the tooth in the process.

The impacted tooth isn’t aligned with the dental arch, so a bracket with a chain will guide it to proper alignment. It will eventually meet the wire and brackets. At this time, the chain is replaced with a rubber band that will gradually pull the impacted tooth into the desired position.

Treatment may take some time, depending on the position of the impacted tooth. This movement is slow to ensure none of the nearby teeth become damaged.       

Learn More About Your Orthodontic Options

If you have a child or teen with impacted teeth, there is hope to uncover and align them properly for a great smile. Trust Dr. Davidson and the Empire Orthodontics team to guide you through the process. Schedule a free orthodontic consultation at our Beavercreek or West Chester locations.