A Sinus Lift Can Help Support Dental Implants

When patients come in with damaged or missing teeth, dental implants are often an excellent solution. But sometimes implants aren’t an option for those with insufficient bone height in the top jaw, or if the sinuses are too close to the jaw. For these patients to receive successful dental implantation, a sinus lift is recommended. With a sinus lift (also known as a sinus augmentation), bone material is grafted to the top bone around the sinuses so that it can support a dental implant.

We offer sinus lifts to fortify the upper jawbone for those patients who have suffered tooth and bone loss. Tooth loss can occur from dental trauma, periodontal disease or severe tooth decay. The back teeth (molars) are especially vulnerable since they are harder to reach and keep clean. In addition, the back of the upper jaw already has less bone density than the lower jaw. All of this can result in a lack of height in the upper jawbone that is needed to support dental implants.

Our periodontist may suggest a sinus lift if you have any of the following:

Severe bone loss in the upper jaws from having lost teeth

This can occur when the supportive bone material starts reabsorbing back into the body and weakens the jawbone. This is often the case when teeth have been missing for a while, and it prevents implants from being viable.

Sinuses that are spaced too close together or too close to the upper jaw bone

Shape and size of the sinus matter as well, and the sinuses can get bigger over time.

We use sinus lifts to build the upper jawbone around the maxillary sinus on either side of the nose, above the top teeth and behind the cheeks. If the jaw bone softens and the remaining teeth become loose in the upper part of the jaw, this softening causes the maxillary sinuses to sink.

Sinus lift surgery adds extra bone to the upper jaws where the molars and premolars were formerly located. The sinus membrane is lifted or moved upward to create space for the new bone. This help creates bone height needed for a dental implant. Following the completion of the sinus lift, our experienced team can provide aftercare to ensure your recovery is quick, comfortable and successful.

If you would like dental implants to restore missing teeth and need to have a sinus lift performed to have a solid foundation for the implants, please reach out to our team today. We will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation with our doctor, so give us a call today!