The Quad Helix Expander in Orthodontics

How A Quad Helix Expander Works

Has your child’s orthodontist recommended a quad helix expander? This may have left you wondering what they were talking about! Simply put, this device is an orthodontic appliance placed in the mouth to reduce the overcrowding of your child’s teeth. Your orthodontist will review everything you need to know about this appliance. However, you may want to know more before placing it in your child’s mouth.   

What is A Quad Helix Expander? 

A quad helix is an appliance used to expand or widen the upper teeth. It is a U-shaped stainless steel wire with four active helix springs. This orthodontic appliance uses two bands to attach to the upper molars. 

Orthodontists use expanders to correct a variety of problems, but the quad helix may be used for the following: 

  • Narrow upper arch
  • Posterior crossbite 
  • Crowded upper teeth 

This appliance comes pre-loaded and will not require manual adjustments at home. 

How It Works 

The quad helix expander applies pressure to the teeth and bone on both sides of the arch. Gradually, the teeth begin moving outward. This movement creates more space and widens the upper jaw. Regular appointments with your orthodontist are essential to have the appliance adjusted and ensure it is working correctly. 

Wearing An Orthodontic Expander 

Patients who receive quad helix expanders may initially experience some pain and soreness. Fortunately, an over-the-counter pain reliever can manage discomfort and usually goes away within a few days. Some patients notice a change in their speech, but after their tongue adapts to the appliance, their speech will return to normal. 

Because this appliance will be cemented or bonded to the teeth, it’s crucial that anyone wearing a quad helix appliance practices good oral hygiene. 

Empire Orthodontics Provides Helix Expanders & More

At Empire Orthodontics, we have a number of orthodontic appliances that we use to create a perfect smile for your child – including Helix Expanders. Our team of orthodontic professionals will assess the positioning of your child’s teeth, jaw size and alignment and determine the best course of action to give them the smile they’ll love as they grow. If you are looking for an excellent orthodontic team in Beavercreek or West Chester, request a free orthodontic consultation for your child. Dr. Rush and the team are excited to meet you and put an orthodontic plan together for your child’s needs.