Do Braces Help Older Patients?

Why Orthodontics is Not Just For Kids

Orthodontic therapy is not limited by age alone. Geriatric orthodontics is a multi-disciplinary specialty of dentistry that deals with the orthodontic-related diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluation of teeth alignment in elderly patients. To say that elderly patients are not candidates for orthodontic treatment would be an incorrect assumption.

What are the benefits of geriatric orthodontists?

Teeth straightening for older adults aim to improve the bite which enhances both restorative and prosthetic procedures. Braces for seniors help restore the normal function of teeth, esthetics, and alignment of crooked teeth. In cases of premature dental loss and space closing or uprighting, braces can serve as prosthetic support. Patients can feel more confident and satisfied, which additionally can boost self-esteem.

Am I too old to get my teeth aligned?

Don’t let age or the perceived stigma of braces in adults hold you back. As long as you have teeth, you are not too old for orthodontic treatment. Braces in older adults show GOOD results in both adults and adolescents. Some other orthodontic options or variables are available which will not leave you despondent.

When should an older person look into braces?

There are several conditions that are appropriate for an older patient to consider braces:

  1. Space between teeth
  2. Gap in teeth caused by tooth loss
  3. Forward positioned front teeth
  4. Difficulty in chewing food/biting problem
  5. Speech problem
  6. TMJ issues

If you have any of the above conditions, consult your orthodontist to see if braces can provide the correction that will address these issues.

What options are best braces for older adults?

Whether you are 50 or above, there are still many orthodontic options:

Metal Braces

If you are looking for effectiveness along with the best results, metal or traditional braces serve as a good option. Metal braces can fix most malocclusion (crooked teeth), severe cases very efficiently. Metal braces have small metal brackets attached to the tooth surface with archwires around them. They are strong, durable, and are able to withstand most orthodontic impacts.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic, also known as clear braces, is a substitute for metal ones and is best for those who prefer esthetics and treatment simultaneously. They have tooth-colored brackets but metal archwires are still used them.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are an advanced treatment choice in orthodontics. They are clear customized aligners that are removable and highly convenient for patients. Aligners are the best option for older adults who don’t want ceramics or metals attached to their teeth.

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