All on 4 Dental Prosthesis

What is All on 4 Tooth Replacement?

All on 4 Implants

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you have a number of options! One of the options that is rapidly gaining in popularity is commonly referred to simply as “all on 4”. We will describe this dental treatment option in detail here.

What is All on 4?

All on 4 is a dental implant-supported prosthesis replacing all of the teeth in a single dental arch (either all of the upper teeth or all of the lower teeth). The term all on 4 officially refers to a specific procedure using four dental implants at prescribed positions and angulations for optimal support. All on 4 consists of a single prosthetic attached to the jawbone via screws into the dental implants. It is not removable like a traditional denture is. Your dentist removes it once a year for cleaning and maintenance.

While the actual all on 4 procedure takes place in one visit, including the surgical phase and the prosthetic attachment, it does require in-depth pre-operative planning. In order to create a prosthetic that meets your smile goals, your dentist will use precise measurements of your existing teeth and your face. Your dentist must also gather detailed information about your teeth and jaws to plan and guide the placement of the dental implants after removing all of the teeth.

This planning phase will involve a full series of dental x-rays, including a three-dimensional image, and perfect replicas of your upper and lower teeth and jaws (called models). Your dentist will work closely with a certified dental lab technician to plan and create your “new teeth”. The prosthesis must be ready prior to your surgery appointment in order for you to have teeth the same day.

What are the Advantages of All on 4?

There are a number of advantages to this procedure, which is why it is such a popular teeth replacement option.

Not Removable

The all on 4 prosthesis is not removable by the patient. Your dentist attaches it to the dental implants within the jawbone with small screws covered by filling material.

Natural Appearance

All on 4 prosthetics do not require bulky extensions under the lips or cheeks that can cause an unnatural or full appearance to the face. They simply replace the teeth.

Same Day Teeth

With the proper pre-operative planning, the all on 4 procedure is a single visit in which your surgeon removes any remaining teeth, places the dental implants, and affixes the prosthesis. You walk out with teeth in your mouth.

What are the Disadvantages of All on 4?

No missing teeth replacement is perfect. Here are the negatives of all on 4.

Significant Surgical Procedure

Having all of the teeth removed at one time is a significant surgical undertaking. With all on 4, we add to that the placement of four dental implants and the attachment of a new prosthesis. This is an invasive surgical procedure that will require a significant time for healing. At Empire, your oral surgeon will review the full care plan with you during a visit.

Healing Period with Soft Diet Only

While the extraction sites and dental implants are healing, it is essential to remove any chewing forces. This means that patients must stick to a soft diet for several months following the surgery.

Removal of Healthy Bone Required

In order to create adequate space for the prosthetic teeth, your surgeon must remove some healthy jawbone.  This bone removal is a standard part of the all on 4 procedure.

More Questions about All on 4?

Contact Empire Dental Specialty Group to schedule a consultation with our oral surgery experts. We can answer any question you have about all on 4 and assess your specific situation as a potential candidate. We offer this procedure at both our Beavercreek and our West Chester locations.