Tori Removal

What is Tori Removal?

Some patients develop small bony growths called tori along the upper or lower jaw. They are non-cancerous growths that don’t often cause pain or discomfort. However, these growths can lead to oral hygiene issues due to becoming challenging to clean the surrounding teeth and gums.

At Empire Dental Associates, we specialize in providing solutions for our patients, including removing upper and lower tori. Our talented oral surgery team can eliminate any discomfort while wearing dentures or other dental appliances. Let our experienced team guide you in improving your oral health.

Why Your Tori Should Get Removed

The primary reason patients get their tori removed is to make maintaining their oral hygiene easier. Removing these bony growths can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. However, some patients want relief from the pain and discomfort caused by the additional structures in their mouths. Removing tori can also create a smoother surface along the jawline, making it more comfortable to wear dental appliances.

Tori Removal Process

The tori removal process begins with a consultation with our experts to assess your condition and discuss your treatment options. Although this procedure may be performed using only local anesthesia, many patients consider conscious IV sedation to help alleviate the “gag reflex” throughout the surgery. However, we use whatever anesthetic technique best fits your needs.

Once the surgical site is anesthetized, an incision is made over the growth to expose the underlying bone. We use specialized instruments to remove the growth and smooth the area. The surgical site is sutured to promote healing.

You may experience slight discomfort after treatment, but it can be reduced using prescription medications or over-the-counter pain relievers. We may prescribe antibiotics to prevent an infection, as the incision could take several weeks to heal fully.

Consult With Experienced Oral Surgeons

If you have been referred by your dentist for a tori removal procedure, contact Empire Dental Associates today to consult with our team about your tori. Dr. Monto and his oral surgery team can examine your teeth and provide a treatment plan. Schedule an appointment at our Beavercreek or West Chester location today.