We Love Orthodontic Referrals

At Empire Dental Specialty Group, our goal is to provide the best orthodontic care for your patients and give them the smile they've always wanted.Our office specializes in traditional braces and clear aligner solutions to help straighten your patients' teeth.

We also specialize in advanced Orthodontics where teeth are misaligned, crowded or gapped that create alignment issues that can lead to more serious problems as the patient grows, such as jaw irregularities, overbite, underbite & more.

We care about your patient

We really care about our patients, and when you refer your patient, they become our patient as well. Our goal is to create care plans, treatment options and a great experience so your patients will thank you for the referral.

If you need to refer a patient for orthodontic care, call our office in Beavercreek or West Chester today or click on the link below to access our physician referral form to get the process started.

Dr. Rush Davidson, DDS, Orthodontist

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