Ricardo Vidal Gonzalez

Dr. Ricardo Vidal Gonzalez, DDS

Ricardo Vidal Gonzalez


Empire Dental is excited to introduce Dr. Vidal to our practice. Dr. Vidal specializes in esthetic periodontal and implant surgery and has become a pioneering expert in the innovative Pinhole® Surgical Technique.

Periodontist Dr. Ricardo Vidal Gonzalez

Dr. Ricardo Vidal Gonzalez, or "Dr. Vidal" is a clinically and academically accomplished Periodontist who is part of the Empire Dental Specialty Group team. In addition to years of teaching Periodontics, Dr. Vidal is an expert practitioner in the field of Periodontics. Following his role as an instructor at the University of Louisville and Chair of the Mayo Clinic Periodontics division, Dr. Vidal 14+ years of private practice, providing periodontal care for his patients. 

In addition to periodontal treatments such as scaling & root planing, crown lengthening and periodontal maintenance, Dr. Vidal is an expert in the Pinhole ® Surgical Technique, Bone Grafting, Frenectomy and more. He also specializes in dental implants, including Immediate, Staged and All-on-4®

In his free time, Dr. Vidal enjoys traveling with his wife Erin, playing tennis and spending time with friends and family - and of course their rescue lab, Lily.

If you have been referred to a periodontist by your regular doctor, Dr. Vidal is currently accepting new patients.