The Team


Dr. West had orthodontic treatment as she was going through dental school, and since then, she has dedicated her education and focus on helping people achieve a beautiful smile.


Dr. Qian Wang began her career by completing an undergraduate study of Dentistry in China. During her Endodontic clinical rotation she became intrigued and inspired by how the Endodontist was dedicated to helping patients relieve their pain and preserve their natural teeth with special treatments.


Dr. Ingoldsby enjoys complex surgical cases, including dental implants, bone grafting, surgical repositioning of the jaws, and facial trauma and facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Ingoldsby is proud of his ability to improve the lives and smiles of his patients, and, just as important to him, he uses advanced and safe sedation techniques so his procedures are pain- and stress-free!


Dr. Rush Davidson wanted to be an orthodontist since he was in junior high school. Once an awkward boy unwilling to smile or laugh without covering his teeth, Dr. Davidson’s life and personality were transformed by braces! Going forward, his dream was to be able to positively change the lives of many children and adults through orthodontics.


During her time spent practicing as a general dentist, Dr. Goel realized that her passion was in root canals. In performing these treatments, she could quickly make patients feel better and see results. To her, each root canal procedure could be so complex and challenging, yet also exciting and rewarding.