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Dental implants have rapidly gained popularity as the most predictable and successful way to replace missing teeth.  Decades of use have proven that implants can provide well-functioning and cosmetically pleasing replacements for those missing one or more teeth.  Implants are unique among teeth replacement options in that they are the only treatment with a secure anchor into the jawbone.  This connection to the bone is the source of the many advantages dental implants have over other treatment choices.

We can use dental implants in a wide variety of ways, which allows us to replace one missing tooth or an entire arch of missing teeth.  Dental implants fall under the category of oral surgery (officially oral and maxillofacial surgery).  This is because the placement of dental implants is a surgical procedure, and these specialists undergo additional training and education to perform these surgeries.

Dental implants give patients the opportunity to smile again.  Whether you need to fill in a gap where you lost a tooth years ago or need to completely rehabilitate your mouth, dental implants can give you the smile of your dreams.

Our doctors in oral and maxillofacial surgery are experts in dental implants.  They can help you identify the best treatment option for your unique situation.

Explore implant supported dentures

Explore an Implant Supported Denture

Choosing Implant Support Denture If you have missing teeth, you may have explored dentures as an option to fill the gaps. Implant Supported Denture is a dental appliance that attaches to dental implants instead of resting on the gum tissue. Typically, the implants are placed on the lower jaw, where the dentures require additional support.

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Things to Know About Oral Surgery

What To Know About Oral Surgery Oral surgery can be intimidating, but it’s a routine dental procedure for extracting wisdom teeth and placing dental implants. These procedures aim to improve the function, appearance of your mouth, and overall oral health. You may benefit from a tooth extraction if it is causing you pain because of

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Endodontic Treatment for Root Fracture

Endodontic Treatment For A Root Fracture  A root fracture occurs when the portion of your tooth below the gum tissue is cracked. It’s not likely visible to the naked eye unless it extends into the crown. As a result, root fractures are more challenging to diagnose and treat. But you do have options to restore

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Teeh replaced with all-on-4 dental implants.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Replacing Missing Teeth with All-on-4 Implants A dental treatment that is rapidly gaining popularity for the replacement of missing teeth is all on 4 dental implants.  The name describes this treatment perfectly, as it is a dental prosthesis replacing “all” of the missing teeth in an arch (upper or lower) “on 4 dental implants”.  Dental

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Dental implants replace missing teeth

Tooth Loss from Gum Disease

I’ve Lost Teeth Due to Gum Disease.  Can I Still Get Dental Implants? This is a great question to ask when you consider the treatment options to replace missing teeth.  At Empire Dental Specialty Group, we love replacing missing teeth and restoring the ability to chew.  One of the best and most predictable ways we

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The benefits outweigh Root Canal risks

Do Root Canals Really Cause Cancer?

Is There Any Truth to Root Canals Causing Cancer? In the age of the internet, you can find misinformation everywhere.  One of the topics with some popularity online is the claim that root canals can cause cancer.  This is a dangerous myth because it could lead some people to put off essential endodontic dental care,

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The Risk of Peri-Implantitis With Dental Implants

If You Have Dental Implants, You May Need to Keep an Eye Out for Peri-Implantitis If you have had a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, you are in good company. Dental implants are a popular choice for those seeking an effective tooth replacement option. Since dental implants handily replace one or more lost

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A Sinus Lift Can Help Support Dental Implants

When patients come in with damaged or missing teeth, dental implants are often an excellent solution. But sometimes implants aren’t an option for those with insufficient bone height in the top jaw, or if the sinuses are too close to the jaw. For these patients to receive successful dental implantation, a sinus lift is recommended.

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