Treatment for an underbite

Treatment Options for an Underbite

Defining an Underbite An underbite is a dental condition classified as the lower jaw sticking out further than the upper jaw. It can be a genetic trait, but malformed and overcrowded teeth can also contribute to the problem. A popular question among those affected by this condition is, “how can you fix it?” There are

Signs Your Need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Dangers of Not Having a Wisdom Teeth Extraction

You can have between one and four wisdom teeth that may eventually require removal. They typically erupt between the ages of 17-25 and can cause significant issues if they don’t come in straight, which requires a wisdom teeth extraction. Some partially erupt through the gums, while others remain hidden beneath the tissue. But is it

Things to Know About Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can be intimidating, but it’s a routine dental procedure for extracting wisdom teeth and placing dental implants. These procedures aim to improve the function, appearance of your mouth, and overall oral health. You may benefit from a tooth extraction if it is causing you pain because of severe decay or impaction. But what

Endodontic Treatment for Root Fracture

A root fracture occurs when the portion of your tooth below the gum tissue is cracked. It’s not likely visible to the naked eye unless it extends into the crown. As a result, root fractures are more challenging to diagnose and treat. But you do have options to restore your tooth.    Causes Of A Root


Treating Malocclusion

What Is Malocclusion?  When your dentist talks about your bite, they refer to how the upper and lower teeth come together. This is known as occlusion. A normal, healthy bite has the upper teeth naturally meeting slightly in front of the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. Any variation from this position is a

The Quad Helix Expander in Orthodontics

How A Quad Helix Expander Works Has your child’s orthodontist recommended a quad helix expander? This may have left you wondering what they were talking about! Simply put, this device is an orthodontic appliance placed in the mouth to reduce the overcrowding of your child’s teeth. Your orthodontist will review everything you need to know

Root Canal Alternatives

When a patient is told they may need a root canal, one of the most popular questions asked is, “What are the alternatives to a root canal?” For some patients, there is no alternative. However, depending on your oral health and additional dental circumstances, you may explore a different treatment.   What Is A Root Canal? 

How to choose an endodontist

Signs of Root Canal Failure

What To Know About a Failing Root Canal A root canal is a procedure that removes the bacteria from the root of an infected tooth. With a success rate around 90-95%, that means 5% of root canals will need to be redone. Here are the symptoms associated with a failed root canal: Tooth Pain After

How to Treat an Overbite

An overbite is a dental malalignment in which the upper teeth are positioned higher than the lower teeth. Other names for it include buck teeth and crooked teeth. In addition to impacting your overall appearance, an overbite can present other health issues such as dental injuries to teeth and gums, jaw discomfort, speech impediments, and

Signs Your Need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Signs You May Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Some people have them and some don’t, but in most cases when wisdom teeth begin to erupt from the gumline or become impacted, they can cause problems that warrant a wisdom teeth extraction. When Should I Get my Wisdom Tooth Checked? Normally, The wisdom tooth starts showing in your mouth from 17 to 25. You