What is Internal Teeth Bleaching?

Learn About Internal Teeth Bleaching A bright, white smile is often seen as a sign of confidence, happiness, and health. However, teeth can become discolored internally even with the best oral hygiene routine. When this happens, your dentist may recommend internal bleaching to restore your tooth’s natural luster. Since this requires more than a topical

How Orthodontics Improves Airways

Airway Orthodontics Helps You Breathe Your airway passage is directly associated with your unique dental structure and orthodontic condition. How well you breathe and sleep, and your ability to focus on daily tasks are related to the state of your airway. These issues may indicate you have a sleep apnea disorder. One solution to treat

Choosing Between Invisalign & Traditional Braces

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces  If you’ve been told it’s time for you or your child to get braces, you may wonder if Invisalign or traditional braces are the better option. The type of orthodontic treatment most suitable for you depends on the problem that requires correcting. Clear aligners aren’t the best option for some issues,

Orthodontics for Teeth that Don’t Erupt

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, most people assume you’re treating crowded or crooked teeth. But brackets and wires can treat many more conditions than that. Orthodontic treatment corrects dental concerns, even when you can’t see the issue.  Impacted teeth are common and develop because a tooth grows at an angle or takes up the

Oral Biopsy Procedure

The Role of an Oral Biopsy You may have heard of “oral biopsy” before but are unsure what it is or why you might need one. It’s a common dental procedure that tests an abnormality found in your mouth during a dental examination. This dental procedure is crucial in diagnosing oral health conditions like cancer.   

Internal and External Root Resorption

Root resorption is a term used in endodontics that refers to the changes occurring in the roots of your teeth that aren’t caused by decay or a fracture. The body begins breaking down the tissue surrounding the tooth and absorbs it. Although the cause isn’t always known, resorption may start in two ways: internally or

The Role of a Retainer in Orthodontic Care

The Important Role a Retainer Plays When you think about braces, an image of metal brackets and wires likely pops into your head. While those components do the heavy lifting to straighten your teeth, orthodontic treatment isn’t over once the braces come off. Orthodontists often recommend wearing a retainer to keep your teeth from shifting

Explore implant supported dentures

Explore an Implant Supported Denture

Choosing Implant Support Denture If you have missing teeth, you may have explored dentures as an option to fill the gaps. Implant Supported Denture is a dental appliance that attaches to dental implants instead of resting on the gum tissue. Typically, the implants are placed on the lower jaw, where the dentures require additional support.

How to choose an endodontist

Choosing an Endodontist

How to Choose an Endodontist When you need endodontic treatment, like a root canal, you must find an experienced specialist you can trust. Your dentist will likely give you a referral. Still, you can use other methods to find an endodontist with whom you’re comfortable being treated. The following tips will help you learn how